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Strategic planning questions- retailer

2) How does a firm's mission statement and goals and objectives statement relat to the retailer's devlopment of competitive strategy?

4) Is strategic planning more important for a small retailer thtn for a larger retailer? Explain.

7) What major enviromnetal forces must a retailer face? Is anyone more important then the others?

11) Why is it so important for a a retailer ro seek high profit performance? Isn't it enough to seek to be above average?

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A mission statement as well as goals and objective statement provides the retailer with a strategic direction and vision to formulate his strategic policies. In the absence of such goals, there will be no consensus efforts towards a unified direction among the planning groups of the retailer. Mission and goals statements acts as a binding force for all the activities of the retailer. Goals, financial as well as non financial, acts as an evualtion criteria for the ...

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Strategic planning questions- retailer