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    Strategic Thinking

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    Can you anwer the question:How has a program of study at a colllege helped you to become a strategic thinker?

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    Strategic Thinking

    Question: How has a program of study at a college helped you to become a strategic thinker?


    Strategic Thinking is a critical management skill that requires having the ability to assess a program in relation to its mission, its future goals, and the external environment in which it works. (erc.msh.org/mainpage.cfm) For Ralph Stacey (1992), strategic thinking is ". . . using analogies and qualitative similarities to develop creative new ideas . . . (and) designing actions on the basis of new learning." Impliedly, to be a strategic thinker, one must essentially be a critical thinker.

    Critical thinking refers to the use of cognitive skills or strategies that increase the probability of a desirable outcome. Critical thinking is purposeful, reasoned, and goal-directed. It is the kind of thinking involved in solving problems, formulating inferences, calculating likelihoods, and making decisions. Critical thinkers use these skills ...

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    A brief explanation on how a college program develop critical thinking among the students.