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    the role of assessment in curriculum planning

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    1. What are the objectives of assessment?
    2. What value(s) does assessment brings to the curriculum planning process?
    3. How can the knowledge gained through assessment be applied while planning activities for an individual child and the collective group?

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    1. The objectives of assessment are to create a framework for assignments and units of learning where an educator can effectively measure learning. As an educator, the objective is to make sure the students are gaining the knowledge they need to move on to the next grade level and succeed in their learning overall. Assessment of learning can come through testing, essay writing, paper writing, or sometimes even skill and drill. There should be a rubric or some framework used to measure if the students learned the elements of the lesson or unit. This allows the teacher to have documentation on each student when grading them ...

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    This solution reiterates the role of assessment in curriculum planning. A personal opinion is integrated.