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    Most Important Assessment Practices and Why?

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    What are the concepts used in data and assessment practices that are most important to understand? Explain.

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    In my opinion:

    Important concepts in Assessment Practices:

    Formative vs. Summative Assessments.
    Formative = ongoing, developmental, tracking student progress across time. Summative = a final examination.
    Authentic Assessments = types of assessments that are relevant to students and authentic in nature (i.e., instead of a multiple-choice test about learning construction terms, a student would build a birdhouse).
    Objective vs. Subjective = multiple choice vs. written response
    Formal vs. Informal = formalized testing/quiz etc. vs. less-rigorously evaluated/tested data, such as class discussion, games, etc.
    Internal vs. ...

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    The most important assessment practices and why are determined.