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Average test scores needed in the next year to retain fundin

Please show how to set this problem up. I am totally lost. Do I need to determine the Standard Deviation, etc.? Please give me a step by step way to work this problem

Calculate the average student score necessary for the district to retain its federal funding. You may assume that the Standard Deviation will not change. This will require some thought. Think of the z score. You will be solving for mu (average test scores in the next school year. You know the standard deviation (because we assume that the variation in test scores stays approximately the same across the year. You also know that 70% of students mus meet the cut off scores.
Information we know last year only 49% of the students at the high school met the cut off score of 70%.
51% of the students did not meet the cut off score of 70%.

You are determining what average of test scores is needed in the next year to retain funding. Fill in the z score that you find in the table in your z formula and solve for mu.
The following are the results from last year's MEAP scores for EHS
N = 1000
μ = 69.7
σ = 11.55

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First, we need to find what score will achieve the 70th percentile.
As given, they need 70% of the students to score at 70%, which we would interpret as say 70 out of 100 questions. The sample size of 1000 just tells us this is a reasonably large sample and are OK in making inferences from the normal curve. As nothing has been ...

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Using percentile, first calculate the z-score.