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    Professionalism in Modern Education

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    Write 2 pages explaining what professionalism means to you.
    - Define professionalism.
    - Discuss the elements of professionalism covered in book and online content and how they compare to your definition.
    - What are the qualities required of a professional?
    - Do these qualities differ based on profession?
    - Explain the concept of leadership as it relates to professionalism.
    - Are these terms synonymous with each other?
    - Describe a situation in which you or someone else displayed a lack of professionalism and how the situation should have been handled.
    - Relate the elements of professionalism you identified to this situation.

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    I think that professionalism in education is rooted in the commitment of treating students as ends in their own right and not as means to an ends. Part of this understanding of professionalism in the educational setting is understanding that the education of children in all of its forms should be the driving force and animating spirit behind why one works with them in the classroom setting. The elements of professionalism in this context are wide ranging, but are rooted in the idea that educators have to be committed to ensuring that students are not being manipulated and used as means to an ends. Most books and online content speak to this. Students cannot be used as a stepping stone to an administrative position or in any way that degrades them and reduces their capacity to activate their full voice. One of the strongest qualities within the professional is constantly ensuring that their daily practice and why they do ...

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