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A Philosophy of Education

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Ideas related to the role of the learner, role of teacher, diversity, and professionalism are mentioned.

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As you compose your assignment, I recommend adding a strong quote by an educator or theorists. I chose William Arthur Ward quote about the various categories of educators as he suggests, "The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." As a result, you could add that your personal teaching philosophy embodies this notion of inspiration and motivation.

As you add data about the role of the learner, you might remark that you see students as active participants in the curriculum as they seek, uncover, question, clarify, extend, apply, and interact with the content ...

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A Philosophy of Education model is given.

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Teacher's philosophies and the impotance of personal philosophy education are explained

1- What would you observe in a classroom in which the teacher's philosophy was primarily Reconstructionism? Progressivism? Essentialism? Perennialism? Existentialism? (Please give specific examples)

2- Why is it important to have a personal philosophy of education?

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