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    Importance of a Philosophy on Education

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    Why is it important for a person to have a philosophy on education? How do the students benefit from a teachers philosophy? What can a person learn about their philosophy on education? Every teacher has a set of beliefs; otherwise known as their philosophy of education. This philosophy influences how and what students are taught. A philosophy of education represents the purpose of school, the role of a teacher, and what and how these things are taught.

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    There are several philosophies of education which are:
    (1) Essentialism - focuses on getting back to the basics and believe that a strong core curriculum as well as high academic standards (Armstrong, Henson, & Savage, 2009).
    (2) Perennialism - see human nature as unchanging and push their students to use their mind and develop the powers of reasoning (Armstrong, Henson, & Savage, 2009).
    (3) Progressiveism - is based on the needs of the students and the lessons must be relevant to the students in order for the students to learn (Sadker, n.d.).
    (4) Reconstructionists - combine study and society and believe that education should go ...

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    There are several philosophies of education, which are: