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Family and Community Engagement

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Create your philosophy and approach to family and community engagement. Draw from your direct experience working with families. Your philosophy statement and approach should align to a theoretical perspective. You must cite one scholarly source in your philosophy and approach statement.

Identify three questions you would like to ask during the interview with the director or staff person in the early childhood program. The questions should focus on some aspects of family and community engagement to help support or expand your philosophy statement. If you are currently working with young children and their families, try to think of questions that relate directly to issues that have arisen for you. If you are not currently working with children and families, these questions can be ones you have curiosity about. Discuss the reasons why you chose these questions.

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My philosophy and approach to family and community engagement is that family and community engagement is absolutely essential to increasing the effectiveness of the education paradigm for children or any other individuals involved in gaining an education. I believe that family and community engagement begins with a cordial and benevolent relationship between educational staff and family units, as well as the community as a ...