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    Relay for Life & American Cancer Society: Leadership Challenge

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    Please identify at least one challenge that is facing Relay for Life and American Cancer Society.
    How can you provide leadership to address that challenge?

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    The Relay for Life fundraising event series represents the world's largest and most profitable fundraising event, and the event involved millions of people who participate in various events in over 20 different countries. The objective is to raise funds to support future research to fight against Cancer and involves cancer survivors, family members, and volunteers who engage in 24-hour overnight events. The event involves continuous walking or running that is done in recognition of the fact that cancer is a disease that doesn't sleep, which requires a continuous devotion to fighting against the disease.

    The event has been successful as over $3 billion in funds has been raised, but there are challenges associated with improving the performance of the event. Although the Relay For Life fundraising event has been hugely successful, there are gaps in performance between different Relay For Life events as these are held in over 20 different countries with different team captains, volunteers, and participants. The challenge that the American Cancer Society faced was developing a strategy to improve the performance of teams that lagged behind the most successful Relay For Life events to ensure that even more money could be raised to fight for a cure against cancer.

    One of the methods that the American Cancer Society initially attempted to employ to rectify this particular challenge was employing an open sourced system that would cultivate the space for members who wanted to be in communication with each other for Relay For Life to engage and interact on Drupal. This initial attempt resulted in significant technological challenges that resulted in ...

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    Using the charities Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society, the Solution discusses leadership challenges and how to overcome them.