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    Special Interest Group Participation

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    Select an instance in which you (or an acquaintance) have supported or participated in the activity of a special interest group. In a 1050-1400 word paper, address the following questions:

    a. What special interest did the group represent, and what were its primary demographic targets?

    b. How did the group encourage members to participate in the democratic process? Did you feel empowered by participation in this group?

    c. How did the group educate its members, the public, and the government about its concerns or mission?

    d. What, if any, impact did the group have on policy making?

    e. Do you feel that the gains of the given special interest group were at the expense of the general public?

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    I cannot write the paper for you, but I can give you insight into being part of a special interest group. I both worked for and was a member of the American Cancer Society, Florida division. I worked in the Florida division office in the legislative department. I was an intern and also a member of the Grassroots Network of the American Cancer Society, Florida Division. I attended both work and volunteer functions as a member. I was able to go to speak with legislators and today continue to follow the organization and its needs where I can help.

    We worked with the Grassroots Organization, a group of people from all walks of life who participate in the political and humanitarian aspects of the organization. The American Cancer Society works with all forms of cancers from diagnosis, through treatment, and into recovery and success. They offer programs to help with expenses, fund research, raise money, offer classes to cope with the disease, groups for survivors, and supply information to help people understand cancer, its progression, its cures, its needs. The ACS also has a legislative division in each state and at the national level that works within the system of the government to fund and educate the public on matters pertaining to cancer.

    As a ...

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    Information on participation in a special interest group (American Cancer Society) and if it is detrimental to the general public's welfare.