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The US Constitution

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Explain how the Constitution has shaped political participation in the United States over time, including the impact of the Constitution on activity by policy seekers, on political parties, and on elections.

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The Constitution and political participation over time.

Take a quick look at "Democratic theories and the Constitution," By Martin Edelman; maybe also "Constitutional government: the American experience" by James A. Curry, Richard B. Riley, Richard M. Battistoni

The Constitution meant to use, but not be based upon, democracy.
Democracy exists only in one area: That of the House. Since the House controls government money (at least in Constitutional theory) popular participation in government should revolved around budgets. This is meant to be under popular control.

The control over money has been given to the Federal Reserve, which is unelected. Therefore, the only real area is budgets, which are in the control of the House. This strongly suggests that political participation is directed at financial and fiscal questions.

The House was also meant to have a rotating office, so that eventually, many of the ...

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