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The US Constitution and its Philosophical Framework

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Compare three similar provisions in the U.S. Constitution and the Articles of Confederation. Discuss how these provisions have served to make the federal government more or less responsive to the needs of the people.
Outline the major philosophical themes of the U.S. Constitution and the Articles of Confederation.
Use specific references from the Articles of Confederation and the U.S. Constitution to support your position.

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What you may wish to look at in terms of provisions is how the Constitution, or previously the articles of confederation, restricts absolute authority in the federal government. What this means is that it implements concepts such as "checks and balances" as seen in Article 2: Executive vs. Judiciary vs. Legislature, and how limitations on executive authority is used. Of course the Consitution's codified (written) nature means that it can be inflexible, and therefore un-responsive to the requirements of the public (Edling, 2003), however its initial stance as "we the people" suggests that fundamentally the constitution works AS a response to ...

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This response deals with the US Constitution and its relationship with the American federal government, taking into account any philosophical aspects with direct relevance.