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    US Constitution Ratification Arguments

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    Creation of the U.S. Constitution
    From the perspective of a Pennsylvania farmer, please address how each of the following factors may have affected him:
    ·         The philosophical ideals embodied by the Declaration of Independence
    ·         The similarities and differences of the philosophies in the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution and how each of them affects him
    ·         Give one major argument for the ratification of the Constitution that this Pennsylvania farmer would support. Then, choose one major argument against the ratification that he would support. Based on these two arguments, would he support the ratification of the Constitution?

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    Lockean Ideal (Philosophy)

    Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams, the founding fathers who spearheaded the 'writing and creation' of the American Declaration of Independence were also deeply involved in the conception and writing of the Articles of Confederation and the eventual American Constitution. One philosophy that all members of the Continental Congress and signatories of the Declaration embraced was the Lockean Philosophy - the idea that all men are created equal. John Dickinson believed in this philosophical viewpoint. The 'farmer' in him believes that in the colonies, a certain sense of independence and identity has brewed - the 'Americans' - the colonists believe that their internal affairs are their own to manage having forged their own mark on the once savage and difficult land. Nobility and social hierarchy for the farmers do not matter as much as equality and brotherhood in a society living free from oppression and tyrrany. This is very much the case in Pennsylvania where the settlers are those peoples who sought to find new life to practice their beliefs free from oppression and have survived by being in ...

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    The solution is a review and reflection on the creation of the US Constitution from an 'imagined' (based on historical sources, i.e. de Crevecouer) point of view of a Pennsylvania farmer. The philosophies reflected in the Declaration of Independence, a comparison of the Articles of Confederation vs. the Constitution and an argument for the ratification of the Constitution is presented to defend a position (for ratification) taken by said imagined colonial farmer. The solution is a 707-word APA format essay with references listed. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.