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American Constitution's Longevity

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In addition to having the oldest written constitution, the United States also has one of the shortest. To what can the longevity of so brief a document be attributed?

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The solution discusses the longevity of the American Constitution, despite it being the shortest and most concise in the world.

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US Constitution

"Constitution" is the fundamental law of the land. It has a Latin derivative "Constituo" which literally means, "established, fixed, settled". It is an embodiment of the sovereign people's aspirations which they wish to be realized through their government. Consequently, one of its important functions is to establish a system of government and define the distribution and relationship between and among the three governmental functions: Executive, legislative, and judicial.
Because it is the fundamental law of the land, all "other laws" must conform with it, otherwise these laws are considered unconstitutional, and therefore shall have no legal effect. These "other laws" refer to the acts of legislations, that is, those passed by the law making bodies of the state. They are also called "statutes".
The US Constitution contains 7 articles and 24 amendments. It provides for ...

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