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    Simple Research Design

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    Hi Xenia, you did a wonderful job on the last guide. Just to refresh your memory I am sending it again. I need help with this:

    Design a SIMPLE research study utilizing experimental research methods for the issue that you selected for your Research Project: Literature Review.

    Could I have both example on IV AND DV PLEASE.

    repeated method
    IV: group therapy
    DV participation

    What do you think Xenia?

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    As I understand it, you want me to help you understand what to do in terms of designing a simple experimental research for your sample study. If this is not the case just let me know. But I think you want help in putting this together so that you can include it in your paper, right? Now, before I forget, I see that your literature review section is empty. Your professor is asking you to provide a literature review so you must give your professor that. 3 related literatures should do it. I suggest the following:

    Aharanovich, E., Nunes, E. and Hasin, D. (2002).Cognitive impairment, retention and abstinence among cocaine abusers in cognitive-behavioural treatment. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, Volume 71, Issue 2, 20 August 2003, Pages 207-211.

    - This particular study is of interest to me because it looks into the use of CBT in treating chemical (illegal drug use) dependence. This study however went a step further as they looked into how cognitive impairment (which is a dysfunction that can result from mind-altering substance abuse) might get in the way of fully utilizing CBT elements and for them, cocaine abusers have high cognitive impairment which can potentially deter from the efficient use of CBT to treat cocaine addiction.

    Carroll, K., Fenton, L. Ball, S., Nich, C. Frankforter, T., Shi, J., & Rounsaville, B. (2004). Efficacy of Disulfiram and Cognitive ...

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    The solution provides information, assistance and advise to help the original student put together a simple research study using experimental methods, with a special focus on independent and dependent variables.