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    Sampling Design Proposal

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    Write a two- to three-page report discussing the sampling design for the proposal.
    Describe the sampling procedures (convenience, quota, simple random) that will yield the best results for your research objective and justify your rationale for choosing the procedure(s). Include the following information:
    1. Research the objective.
    2. Description of the population: Process for identifying the target population and selecting the sampling frame
    3. Identify the different types of biases that are likely to occur, and explain what steps you will take to minimize them.
    4. Conclusion: Highlight the major points discussed in the previous sections. Be sure to relate the information back to the purpose and relevance of the research.
    You must use correct APA formatting when writing your paper. All references used, including the textbook, must be cited.

    Problem Statement
    What is the most effective way to improve the problem of declining or stagnating client applications and use of the organization?
    Research objective
    The Company has limited resources to help solve the problem. The owner believes more active participation concerning requesting the government fund and move through the waiver lists more quickly, is one of the ways to help the agency and the clients. While other methods are potentially available, the organization finds that most of the clients and potential clients interacted with, find the independent living option the most appealing, especially those who can and would like to find jobs and work.

    Research questions
    Would more active participation in efforts to improve the Waiver system be beneficial to the company and clients? If so, what are the most likely successful participation activities the company should consider?

    Governments improving application completions will add more clients for the company.

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    //While conducting a survey, it is essential to design a sample as it is practically not possible to study the entire population. Therefore, in the following discussion, the rationale for choosing the relevant sample procedure and sample size for the company is given. Furthermore, the research objective for the given research is also discussed ahead. //

    There are limited resources available to the company for solving its issues and problems. As per the opinion of the owner of the company, the company can improve its condition by actively participating in requesting the government fund and quickly moving through the waiver lists. The organisation found after interacting with its potential clients that most of the clients find the option of independent living most appealing, especially for the ones who would like to work. The research objective of the company is to determine the most effective way to overcome the problem of stagnating or declining of the client applications and to improve the performance of the company.

    There are several sampling methods or procedures (such as convenience, quota, and simple random) ...

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