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    Formal and Informal Curriculums

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    Think back to your own childhood and describe at least two lessons you learned at home and two lessons you learned from your larger community/society.

    How did these informal lessons shape you as an adult? Looking back now, do you feel you learned more from school (formal curriculum) or from your family and community (informal curriculum)? Why?

    Connect your reflections to two outside resources, in addition to your text. Use APA 6th edition format for all citations.

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    Please reflect and enhance upon the following to answer your questions.

    Formal educational goes from preschool to graduate school, which includes a state approved curriculum that has certain goals, evaluations, certified teachers, and activities that are controlled by the state (Schugurensky, 2000).

    An example could be learning about the capitalist system in the formal curriculum.

    According to Schugurensky (2000), informal ...

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    Formal curriculum and informal curriculum learning are discussed. Informal learning can build upon the formal curriculum. There are also times when informal learning may contradict the formal curriculum. The family and community contribute to informal learning.