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    Grapevine as a Link Between Formal and Informal Networks

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    This question is about the grapevine.

    Say you have strategy in its appropriate place in the communication model. Our text deals with formal and informal communication types as follows:

    Formal Network
    - Well-established, usually along operational lines
    - Depends on certain established forms or "genres" in the company
    - Planned and managed

    Informal Network
    - Complex
    - Dynamic

    Where does the grapevine belong in structure?

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    The grapevine actually forms a connection between the two. This is where "I heard it through the grapevine" comes from. Information generally trickles down from formal networks and makes its way ...

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    This solution explains where the grapevine belongs in organization structure. This question is based on a discussion of formal and informal communications networks.