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Define both grapevine and informal grapevine

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Using 500 words of references and notes, to explain both a grapevine and an informal grapevine within the workforce and also offers some suggestions from the experts to counter its adverse effects.

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As you discuss what a grapevine is, this article is helpful:

Rakes, T. A., & Cox, G. C. (1993). Using the `grapevine' to effect change in schools. Clearing House, 67(1), 17.

Research shows that an informal grapevine happens when a "network arises spontaneously and is situationally derived (Hellweg 1983)." Specifically, it tends to emerge under certain conditions: "(1) when formal channels are too rigid or narrow; (2) when critical information is withheld from subordinates in an effort to assert power; (3) when employee positions allow too much free time on the job; or (4) when employees are subject to feelings of job insecurity as frequently occurs when an organization is undergoing restructuring."

Another article defines it broadly:

Therrien, D. (2004). Rid your office of backstabbers. Canadian Business, 77(23), 109-110.

Therrien contends that "The corporate grapevine is an invisible flow of rumor, innuendo and speculation. It weaves its way through all levels of ...

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This solution incorporates 500 words of references and notes to briefly define both a grapevine and an informal grapevine within the workforce. It also provides some suggestions from the experts to alleviate its negative effects on workers, management, and the overall organization.