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Communication Strategies and the Grapevine

Summarize effective communication strategies in organizational hierarchies, and review the role and relevance of the organizational grapevine. Give an example that did or could apply in real life.

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Workspace design, web-based communication channels and MBWA are examples of effective strategies that companies employ to improve communication in organizational hierarchies. Each of these strategies is summarized below.

Workspace design includes the location and design of hallways, offices, cubicles and communal areas such as the water-cooler and elevator. These areas all affect whom we "bump" into, and start a conversation with, and how frequently we communicate with them. Some organizations do not have doors. This encourages people at all levels to collaborate. Another workspace design strategy is to group employees into team spaces, which encourages team ...

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This solution of 400 words explains three effective strategies of workspace design, web-based communication MBWA and in improving communication in organizational hierarchies. It also defines the organizational grapevine and how it works in an example.