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Interpersonal and Organizational Communication

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How might managers use the grapevine to their benefit? As a manager, how do you think you would use the grapevine to further organizational goals?

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1. How might managers use the grapevine to their benefit?

The grapevine is defined as "the informal transmission of information, gossip or rumor from person to person."

The grapevine is the informal and unsanctioned information network within every organization. And, "if employees are so uninterested in their work that they do not engage in shoptalk about it, they are probably maladjusted"(Rosnow & Allen, as cited in http://www.analytictech.com/mb119/grapevine-article.htm). It is a communications network. The grapevine contrasts with the formal network, made up of memos, reports, staff meetings, department meetings, conferences, company newsletters and official notices is highly documented and as such has very little chance for change. However, nearly all of the information within the grapevine is undocumented and is thereby open to change and interpretation as it moves through the network. It often travels faster than formal channels. The grapevine is very useful in supplementing formal channels. It provides people with an outlet for their imaginations and apprehensions as well. It also helps satisfy a natural desire to know what is really going on ...

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This solution explains how managers might use the grapevine to their benefit and/or to further organizational goals. Supplemented with an article on managing the grapevine.

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