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    Factors Affecting Interpersonal Communication

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    Prepare a paper researching an organizational situation that demonstrated poor interpersonal communication and had a very negative effect.
    Describe the organizational situation in detail.
    Include detailed answers to the following questions:

    o What factors affected the interpersonal communication in this situation?

    o How did the listening habits in this situation negatively affect the business relationships or bottom-line results? Explain the empathetic listening skills used in this highly charged or conflicted situation.

    o How did listening habits affect business relationships and results?

    o What advantages might empathetic listening lend to the improvement of interpersonal communication in this situation?

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    Poor Interpersonal Communication in Organizations

    I. The Organizational Situation

    A new manager was transferred to another branch. The manager has been known to be rude and harsh in his dealing with his staff and the people in the organization were careful and scared because aside from the negative comments about him, he was not also very friendly to them.

    The incident which manifested poor interpersonal communication happened in an office between the new manager and his assistant. The manager gave instructions to compose a memorandum regarding new policies on employees' attendance. The instructions were broad and the assistant had a hard time composing the memorandum. When the draft memorandum was finished, the assistant showed it to the manager for revision and approval. The manager read the draft and got angry because of the following reasons:

    1. The assistant failed to mention additional details of the new policies, e.g., sanctions for specific offenses.
    2. The draft memorandum had grammatical and spelling errors.

    The manager got mad and scolded the assistant which made the assistant feel upset and develop a trauma working for the manager which caused her to resign from the job on the next day because it took her about four times to revise the memorandum just because the manager had to keep on adding more details to the new policies. There was nothing wrong with revisions and additional details on the memorandum but the manager was using harsh words on the assistant. He would say things like: (1) The assistant had no common sense because she hadn't thought ...

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