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Organisational Behavior - Interpersonal Communication

1. Demonstrate how to improve interpersonal communication.

2. Identify the main barriers to effective communication and summarize ways in which these barriers can be minimized.

Miscommunication has often been blamed for organisational issues. From your work experience, discuss any communication related issues that have caused significant problems for you or your department or your organisation.

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Interpersonal communication can be improved through active listening. When active listening is present, it greatly reduces barriers through the reduction of static or varying forms of noise within the communication itself. In both interpersonal communication and the communication process itself, several steps can be taken to improve the process. The reduction of language and cultural barriers is a key issue, particularly in today's age of increased global business and personal transactions. Many websites have created 'translators,' and many people have taken advantage of recent technology when communicating with others who ...

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