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Communication channels" Effectiveness and determination of appropriate channel

Discuss which of these channels are used in your organization and how effective they are. How do you make a determination of the most appropriate channel to use for a particular message?

Formal communication networks, including downward, upward, and horizontal communication
Informal communication networks such as the grapevine, personal networks, and mentors
Face-to-face communication

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The student's organization is formal, informal, and face-to-face communication. When we use formal channels of communication each of us desire to talk to anyone in management, various chains across the country, and those that have a variety of means of working with regular employees as well. A person can use these methods by using emails, conference calls, webinars, and anything along those lines. With my particular line of work, we utilize informal communication as well. This is used most effectively by means of networking through marketing efforts, and going as far mentoring each other if an individual does not know a specific task at that time. My staff would need to ...

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This solution discussed which of the channels are used in one's organization and how effective they are; how does one determine the most appropriate channel to use for a particular message.