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    Public Relations Communication Process

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    What is the significance of the communication process in PR? What types of interference (noise) might a PR professional experience in the communication process? Why is feedback critical to the communication process? What criteria are used to identify the most effective and efficient PR channel or medium?

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    According to Baines, et. al., the main goal of public relations (PR) is creating understanding in the public by imparting knowledge and information. It is through an effective communication process that this goal can be achieved. The process involves the selection of appropriate media and techniques of relaying the information for more effective results. It is very important to use the proper media channel for a particular public because when the message is not received or comprehended well, the people won't have any idea of the information that need to be relayed. Most PR communications are done through the media and oftentimes, organizations have little control over it. The reporters and writers decide what will be said regarding publicity of the organization. Public relations consist of ongoing activities that can help present a strong public image for an organization and in communicating this to the public, the organization has to consider the following: groups of stakeholders they want to appeal and how; impressions to be shown; their preferred communication media and which are more practical for the organization; and the kind of messages that would be appealing to the particular stakeholder group. Media channels include the press, radio, video, the Internet, television, or the spoken word. There are many ways to communicate messages ...

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    The significance of the communication process in public relations (PR), the types of interference that might be encountered by a PR professional, the importance of feedback, and the criteria in identifying an effective PR channel. References are included.