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Public Relations for Internal Publics

Please help me with the following section of my action plan by selecting a current case in which an organization has a need to communicate to internal publics and describe the situation. Explain the impact of effective communications to the internal publics of the organization. Utilize the communications process to prepare an effective internal public relations action plan.

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Situation / Scenario

Due to advancements in technology, a Public sector bank in a developing country (India) is planning to adopt computerization for their transactions. The Bank has been working completely on legacy system with paper based transactions. Due to this, there has been lot of pressure on the employees to learn new technology and also fear of being laid off as it is perceived that technology will improve productivity and hence there will be a need to reduce manpower / headcount. The employees are planning to go on strike due to fear of layoff to prevent adoption of computerization. This is a situation where the bank needs to communicate to their employees about the benefits of adopting computerization and also removing the fear of lay-off as perceived by employees.

Impact of effective communications to the Internal Publics

Effective communication can have huge impact to the internal publics:

? An open and honest communication system increases employee morale and motivation
? Employee feel part of the ...

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Developing a communication plan for Internal Publics.