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Organization's Publics and Target Market

What are some differences between an organization's publics and its target market(s)? Why is it critical to define your organization's internal and external publics? Why is it important to keep internal publics informed? How does corporate culture affect an organization's internal communications?

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What are some differences between an organization's publics and its target market(s)?

An organization's publics consist of the 'general public' but made up of communities and groups who share the same particular interest. The public relations department of an organization has to identify the 'publics' of the organization so that they can plan the public relations program properly and appropriately. They are the groups of people who are deliberately targeted by companies and who they communicate internally and externally. The public relations office helps build connections and relationships with all of the organization's publics. Not all organizations have the same list of publics as all of them have a unique profile. The following are the basic publics that apply to most organizations: community, employees, potential employees, distributors, suppliers, financial markets, customers, opinion leaders and others (download-it.org).

An organization's target market is the group of people defined by age, gender and/or socio-economic grouping of which a particular product is marketed to. The organization utilizes its resources by following a planned procedure to identify customers that might be the best people to respond to the marketer's message and will have more chances of purchasing the product or availing the service that is being offered (KnowThis.com).

The organization's publics is comprised of the communities and groups of people who the organization communicates internally and ...

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