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    Organizational and societal functions of PR..

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    Can you please in depth explain the organizational and societal functions of PR. Include at least one credible, external source. Select an organization with which you are familiar, and identify an issue within that organization that would have both organizational and societal implications. For that organization, explain how you would address both the organizational and societal audiences.

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    Meaning of Public relations
    According to the Marketing guru Kotler:

    Public relations involve a variety of programs designed to promote and/or protect a company's image or its individual products.

    According to www.nejaycees.org/about/jargon.asp

    The acts of communicating what you are to the public. This is not to be confused with publicity, which is just one of the methods used in communicating the image.

    Hence Public relations people work for businesses, government agencies, professional and trade associations, nonprofit charities, schools and universities, hospitals, hotels, and many more. They work for large and small organizations. Many public relations people work entirely within their own country; others practice their profession on a global basis.

    PR is planned:

    Public Relations isn't just happening, it is a well planed communications effort. Usually a PR practitioner defines the target groups, tailors the messages and a lot more, before he or she executes the plan.

    PR is based on mutual understanding:

    In order to communicate effectively we have to engage in a two-way communication. For example do we have to listen to journalists in order to understand their needs, so we can tailor the message in a way they can better process.

    The organization:

    The term organization refers to the company which wants to convey its message through the help of public relations. It can be a commercial company in the traditional sense, a non-profit organization or a country club.

    The Publics:

    The target group to which the organization wants to communicate to. This could be the consumers of a product, employees, investors, governmental officials etc. The publics are sometimes called stakeholders.

    Management function:

    PR is not just a means to get the name of the organization known, or to get cheap advertisement for a new product. It is more involved in planning the communication of the whole organization, and thus has become a part of the management. If a PR manager believes that a certain product would send the wrong signal to the publics, he or she could advice the top management and thus help to bring the company on the right track.

    As we can see, PR includes an intentional and planned effort to create and maintain a two-way communication between an organization and its target groups, the publics.

    The difference between the two is that:
    An organizational function is core activity of the PR. It is mainly internal oriented and focus on the product and its communication according to the strategy of the ...

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