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Formal/Informal Groups within an Organization

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After reading a broad description about groups within an organization. What are considered formal and informal groups (more details), can you give examples of such groups? Also, how do the norms within each group formal/informal influence a persons behavior or its members. Explain? Also, if an informal group establishes personal relationship outside the group, does this also disband after the work/project is completed? Thoughts?

Thank you.

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The solution discusses differences among formal and informal groups, in terms of belonging and behavior. Attached as Word.

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Distinguish features of social groups from those of formal organizations.

Please assist with the following so that I can complete the assignment:

Groups and Organizations
? Distinguish features of social groups from those of formal organizations.
? Project how formal organizations might evolve in the future.

? Compose a response to the following:
o Describe a social group and a formal organization that you are currently part of or
were a part of in the past.
o explain how each group or organization establishes membership, or describe how leadership is exhibited in each group.

? Review the following scenario: You work for a formal organization in the United States
that has an open, flexible organizational structure You have a relative, Micah, who works for a formal organization with a conventional, bureaucratic organizational structure. Micah is interested in working for your organization, but he does not have the education or skill set to work there. He says he wishes that his company would adopt a flexible organizational structure but doubts it is possible. You explain to Micah that you have been studying the evolution of formal organizations in your Sociology class and that you would like to conduct some research to determine how formal organizations, such as the one Micah works for, are likely to evolve in the future.

? Write a response summarizing your research results.

Address the following areas in your paper:
o Explain how formal organizations have evolved over the past century. What differences were there in organizations a century ago, compared to today's organizations? What are the current trends in formal organizations?
o Describe how each of the characteristics for formal organizations will need to evolve or change in Micah's organization to become more open and flexible. For example, how will activities or relationships need to change?
o Locate 3 to 5 articles or case studies in the trends in formal organizations and predict whether these trends are likely to take place in the future. Explain your reasoning for each of the predictions.
o Make an overall prediction based on your research results: how are formal organizations, such as Micah's, likely to evolve in the future?

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