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Program for Elderly to Enhance Social Engagement

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Outline a program that could be implemented in your community that would enhance social engagement for older adults.

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To enhance social engagement for older adults, it is important to get them involved in various communities, to further enrich their lives. Programs can be set up within the senior community for the older adults to learn about issues that affect them (i.e. diabetes, memory loss, arthritis), exercise classes to enliven their lives, and entertainment events. In order to facilitate these, it is important to have a meeting place for older adults. If a senior citizen center exists that would be a good place for these events, or perhaps, the public library. Furthermore, a volunteer would need to get a consensus from the adults in the community to determine interest levels in various topics, types of exercises, and entertainment. Volunteers or reasonably priced experts could be hired to teach the older adults. In my community, often doctors and other professionals are willing to speak to groups as a form of volunteering. Exercise classes for seniors can serve as valuable ...

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This solution outlines a program that could be implemented in a community that would enhance social engagement for older adults.

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