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Communication in Organizations

Many people believe that organizational communication skills should come naturally and are not difficult to obtain. However, this week's readings might have given you a different perception. Effective organizational communication skills actually require a lot of time and practice.

Complete a self-assessment of your organizational communication skills by answering the following questions:

Which area(s) do you feel are the most developed for you?
Which area(s) do you need the most improvement?
Based on the course material that you read this week, what are some ways that you plan on improving the development of your organizational communication skills?

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The effectiveness of a leader is often seen in how they communicate their message verbally and/or written to peers, subordinates, clients, or consumers. Leaders must be able to identify barriers that may distort their message from the sender to receiver. More so, these leaders must understand the importance in how the flow of information is conveyed and received to impress a sound message. Understanding all these elements of communication will allow them to use communication to influence and persuade others to accomplish the organization's goal.

Which areas do you feel are the most developed for you?

I personally feel that I'm an effective leader based on my ability to actively listen. By actively listening I'm able ...

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