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    Persuasive Requests & Sales Messages

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    Analyze persuasive requests and sales messages. What traits do persuasive requests and sales messages share in common and how do they differ? Defend your analysis with supporting examples.

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    Effective persuasive requests and sales messages both have a purpose for the communication, with a clear understanding of the target audience, and an objective. In addition, effective persuasive requests and sales messages command attention and a call to action.
    Persuasive requests are more personalized: you are asking a particular person to do something. In sales, you must ask a target audience to do something. In either case, the better you know your audience, what makes them tick and spurs them to action, the more successful you will be. It will only be effective to ask your younger brother to take out the trash in exchange for a piece of candy if you know he likes candy.
    The content of the persuasive request ...

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    This solution outlines the common and different traits of persuasive requests and sales messages. It provides examples.