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Persuasiveness of a message

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There are four factors that impact the persuasiveness of a message: the communicator (who says it), the message (what is said), the channel (how it is said), and the audience (to whom it is said). Using this knowledge, select an advertisement or editorial from a media source and evaluate its message for persuasiveness. How can people resist the persuasion promoted by certain types of media?

Response should be 200-300 words.

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Persuasiveness of a message is contextualized.

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Four Factors (Persuasive Message):

1) communicator (who is promoting service or item; a celebrity; a spokesperson; or persuasive ad)
2) message (what is being promoted for purchase; an item or service)
3) channel (form of media)
4) audience (listeners; readers)

Selecting an advertisement or editorial from a media source (magazine, tv commercial, newspaper ad, internet ad, billboard, or even a radio ad) can influence ...

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