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    Analyze and ad in terms of strategy, creativity and execution: SECA ULTIMA car

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    Hi, I'm looking for a second opinion on analyzing an ad (i posted this yesterday)

    In my readings it says, the keys to a great ad are: Strategy, Creativity and Execution. Please analyze the attached ad in those terms:

    To whom is the ad targeted to?
    Why is the ad there in the first place?
    Is the ad informing? If so how?
    Is the ad pursuading? If so how?
    Is the ad reinforcing/reminding?
    What is the ad saying?
    Rational Appeal?
    Emotional Appeal? Moral Appeal?
    How is the ad saying its message?
    Vivid vs straight message?
    What is the message source?


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    To whom is the ad targeted to? The family man, families, it shows the dog and the picnic basket.

    Why is the ad there in the first place: To sell the SECA ULTIMA car, inform the prospective buyers about it and persuade them to buy it.

    Is the ad informing? If so how: Yes it informs the name of the model, gives the shape and the features of the car, including the fact that its back can be opened from behind. Futher, it informs about the address of the company and the phone number of the person who can be contacted for arranging a test drive.

    Is the ad pursuading? If so how: It is persuading as it presents the car which a family man should buy the car, the features are well targeted, makes any family man feel that this is the car he should have and spend his weekend using the car. The Toyota brand has its persuasiveness and the fact that the company is offering test drive improves the credibility of the offering.

    Is the ad reinforcing/reminding? Yes, the name Toyota is mentioned in more than one place, there are several things in the ad which say that this is the car for a family man, the dog, the picnic basket, the open ...

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