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Creating a Persuasive Announcement

Please I need help help on this assignment.
Activity: Create a Public Service Announcement: For this activity, I want you to create a public service announcement for a magazine. There are two parts to this activity:

Part 1--The actual public service announcement
You can do this in a word document, on a PowerPoint slide, or any other medium you choose. You need to choose a topic that you feel is important that you want to make the public more aware of (for example, the dangers of drinking and driving, the negative effects of smoking, the negative effects of child abuse, etc.). You are then to create an advertisement for a magazine to get your point across. You can use words, pictures, and anything you feel is appropriate. Your goal is to be maximally persuasive in getting your point across. Read the chapter on persuasion before you do this activity so that you know what factors influence persuasiveness.

Part 2--Explaining your persuasive techniques
On the next page of your project, you need to list the techniques you used in your public service announcement. Incorporate 3 to 6 different techniques that you read about in the text (i.e., vividness, humor, etc.), explain how they were used in your advertisement, and state why you feel that your advertisement was more persuasive as a result.

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Creating a Public Service Announcement:

1) Decide on what you are passionate about or what interests you have in making a difference on a certain social issue.
2) What creative forms of ...

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How to create a public service announcement in a persuasive manner through effective advertising suggestions