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Persuasive Leadership Style

Think of a leader you know personally or a historical (past or present) individual who you think has mastered the art of persuasion. Describe how the leader you have chosen has mastered the following elements:

- An understanding of people

- The effective use of words

- The ability to manage conflict

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Steve Jobs of Apple was a master of persuasion; with his keynote speeches on new products showcased worldwide. Steve had an understanding of his consumer base in that the majority have a strong desire to have "the next best thing" over everyone else. With releases of the iPhone and iPad, there are numerous stories of consumers sleeping overnight in retail parking lots to be "the first" to obtain a coveted new Apple product. Although the demand clearly exists, Steve understood how to ...

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Utilizing Steve Jobs of Apple as the example, this solution looks at a leader with a persuasive style; along with his ability to understand people, use effective communications and manage conflict. Answer is over 300 words and includes a reference.