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    Question about Gender and Leadership

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    Gender and Leadership

    You recently attended a management workshop entitled, "Gender and Leadership," during which the workshop leader related the following statement originally expressed by Bill Clinton: "We need not just a new generation of leadership but a new gender of leadership" ("Clinton pledges fidelity," 1992, p. A2).

    Respond to this statement by answering the following questions:

    Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?
    Do you think there are gender-specific leadership or management traits?


    1. Analyze the various leader, follower, cultural, and situational characteristics that contribute to leadership.
    2. Discuss and explain when and why participation should be used to improve leadership effectiveness.
    3. Explain the role of individual differences and traits in leadership.
    4. Apply critical thinking skills to analyze business situations.

    APA format with references and in-text citiations.

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    Yes, I agree with this statement that women should be given more opportunities for leadership position in the organization and bias towards male leadership should give way to women leadership.

    There are certain management and leadership traits specific to each gender. For example, women leaders or managers are considered to be stronger in terms of displaying empathy, interpersonal skills and are more calm and patient as compared to their male counterparts. Such characteristics are very useful in organizational ...

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    This solution discusses agreement with the statement that women should be given more opportunities for leadership positions in 284 words with one reference.