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Set of hypotheses

See attached. Your advisement will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Let's take a closer look. I proposed another set of hypotheses to consider as well. I also attached a client satisfaction questioniare to consider.


o Research Question(s). State the research question(s) you are proposing to study.

What is the effect of transformational leadership on client satisfaction?

o Experimental Research Method. Clearly state why an experimental method would be appropriate given your research question(s), and clearly state the type of experimental method (quasi- or true experimental) you would propose to use, citing the course text, as appropriate.

Please advice

The true experimental method is appropriate for this research question. You plan to compare two group means, which is an experimental design. Therefore, the question need the true experimental design.

Hypotheses. State both a null and alternative research hypothesis. Make sure the variables that you are proposing to study are clearly stated and that you identify your independent and dependent variables.
Please advice

Ho: Transformational leadership will not have a positive effect on client satisfaction.

Ha: Transformational leadership will have a positive effect on client satisfaction.

Or more specifically,

Ho: Transformation leadership will not have a greater positive effect on client satisfaction than autocratic leadership.
Ha: Transformation leadership will have a greater positive effect on client satisfaction than autocratic leadership.

Design: To test the last hypothesis, you would need to identify organizations that use autocratic leadership and organizations that use transformational leadership, and survey the clients of these organizations using a client satisfaction questionnaire. You would score the questionnaires on client satisfaction and compare the two groups on client satisfaction. If you found a significant difference in the direction hypothesized (i.e. greater client satisfaction for transformational leadership than for autocratic leadership), your hypothesis is supported.

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