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    Manager Versus Leader

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    I would like to know if a manager and a leader are the same or different. I understand there has been much debate over this subject. Can someone provide me with the answers to the following questions? Please provide details and examples if possible. Also, could you provide some references where I can research further?

    What do you feel are the most important qualities that a manager must possess to be effective?
    What do you feel are the most important qualities for a leader to possess to be effective?
    Do you feel that a person can be both a leader and a manager, or are they mutually exclusive roles? Why

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    A manager and leader are different. A manager's job is to "plan, organize and coordinate. The leader's job is to inspire and motivate" (The Wall St. Journal, n/d). The manager must be able to take the leader's vision and execute it, making progress towards the company's goals and vision. Meanwhile, a leader develops the goals and vision. A manager tends to focus on systems and structure while a leader focuses on people. Warren Bennis (1989) states that a leader has a longer-range perspective than a manager, and is more focused on challenging status quo than the manager.

    It is said that managers use authoritarian, transactional management style, in which the manager instructs others what to do because the manager is getting paid to do so. In contrast, leaders are said to use ...

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