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Leadership Theories

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I am tring to teach a class in the Spring and need additional help in preparing students to understand clear and concise writing ability for this reaction paper, so help is needed. Additionally, evidence of knowledge and understanding of management and leadership theories is required (4 theories).

Attached is the information in Part 1 that is needed.

Please make this paper to be 4 pages long double spaced using 4 theory concepts. If researched is used please show the information in APA style.

Reaction Paper should include:

A clear understanding of the article?

What is the main problem or issue that the author is addressing?

What is the authors's central claim, argument, point

What assumptions does the author make?

What evidence does the author present?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the text's claim

Why are the problems and the arguments interesting or important?

Additionally, evidence of knowledge and understanding of management and leadership theories is required.

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This the paper I came up with. I used the theories of Lewin and threw in the coercive/persuasive personality theories.

Leadership theories are found in many different forms and based on many different elements of management. Among the theory categories are personality, former leaders, contingency and situational leadership, and the management theories. The latter is based on those who are successful and those who are not. This paper looks at the application of the theories of authoritative, delegation and Democratic leadership styles and includes a look at the coercive/ persuasive leader (Van Wagner, theories). Since theories are only ideas or guesses, they must be applied or applicable to the situation or person. Our focus is to see if these styles do exist and what they mean in management styles.
The management styles of business
The management styles of leadership are considered the most important indicators of leadership potential. The different styles of leadership, the authoritarian, the delegator, and the participatory are known collectively as the Lewin Leadership Styles (Van Wagner, styles). In 1939, a group of social researchers decided to study and create a definitive list of leadership styles. This group was led by Kurt Lewin. The three major types they identified qualify as the major styles of leaders in management and business. Each has specific traits and actions that identify their methods and success.
The fourth management style used is a personality trait entrant that has been combined from two. The individual styles of coercive and persuasive have specific traits as well and in combination with the previously mentioned traits can be used to better define a leader. The coercive trait is more inclined to power leadership. The persuasive leader is often seen as more friendly. Both of these lend themselves to power leadership definitions and applications.
Authoritative Style
This style, authoritative, is most recognizable in the presidency of Jimmy Carter. This leader is usually a micromanager. Often we can associate leadership styles to presidents ...

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Essay on four leadership theories, three of Lewin's and one a personality type of leadership.