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Advertising campaign, slogan, and strategies/tactics motivating

Last week, during a meeting with your marketing team, a senior-level manager revealed that the company is considering a partnership with a personal trainer who has done some training videos on DVD. He asks the marketing team to research all aspects of the project.

Choose a name for the set of exercise videos and the brand and must justify both of them by explaining their relationship to the target market's values, lifestyles, attitudes, and so on. An explanation of how these concepts were brought into the name decision should be included in the final deliverable.

In addition to selecting the target market, brand name, and image, the group members should make recommendations for the brand's packaging and advertising campaign. Also, describe the strategies and tactics you would use in marketing the new DVD release.

Discuss all the recommendations and ideas for the target market, research techniques, and how the group will gather competitive intelligence and analysis. Recommend an advertising campaign, slogan, and strategies/tactics that are motivating and persuasive. Address the following:

* Describe all recommendations and ideas that went into creating the target market.
* How did you choose that particular target market?
* What is the product's name, and why was it chosen based upon the target market?
* What was the team consensus on how to find the distinct parts of your marketing project?
* How did you come up with the name of the product?
* Describe the recommendations and ideas that went into choosing the marketing research techniques.
* What was the consensus on which marketing research technique would work best for your research project?
* What was the factors involved in decided which advertising campaign, slogan, and strategies/tactics were more persuasive and motivational? Why?
* What would you change? Why?
* What is the packaging design, and how will it appeal to the target market?
* What types of media will be used in the campaign?
* Explain how this work would help you in the real world of marketing.

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Hello. Thank you for using Brainmass. I have attached your response with references. As requested, this response contains generalized ideas, but all advertising campaign, slogan, and strategies/tactics are discussed and all pertain to persuasive and motivational strategies.

Q: These areas are my focus; what was the group consensus (after the Individual Portion) on which advertising campaign, slogan, and strategies/tactics was more persuasive and motivational; generalized ideas only I will do final report thanks.
Below are several ideas to help you get started, each with a reference, should you need one. In my research, I believe the following would be the most persuasive and motivational. Thank you.
Slogans - I found a really cool website where you can put in any word, and it will create a slogan for you. If you continue to hit the "generate another slogan" button, it will keep offering you new slogans you can choose from. The website is: You can punch in words like Personal Trainer and DVD....there are some ...

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