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Push-Pull Strategy/Product Differentiation

You stated that a push strategy is used to create value perception. If a product is not selling, would you use a push or pull strategy?

You are displaying knowledge about the topic of push and pull strategies. You wrote: "An example of a pull strategy is the Corona beer commercials. The commercials don't utter a word instead they plea to broad emotional triggers that will instill a message on someone's mind". If, a company has great brand recognition, would they utilize a push or pull strategy and why?

Did you know that Burger King came up with the slogan "Have it your way" because to compete against McDonalds. Back in the 1970's the McDonalds would not allow the customer to customize their burger. Burger King came out with a commercial called Have it Your Way and it was performed by a group called the Three Degrees. This concept at the time was new and put Burger King on the map. This catch phrase allowed Burger Kind to differentiate themselves from McDonalds and create a new market niche.

Do you believe that a slogan or catch phrase could create product differentiation within the customer's mind? Why?

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If a product had low sales, I would use a pull strategy. This would require advertising money and consumer promotion, but it would be helpful to build consumer demand for the product. It is crucial to make the consumer aware of the product in order to generate sales. The problem with relying on a push strategy for low performing items is that one's efforts are usually concentrated on resellers and it becomes difficult to convince them to stock and display a product that is selling poorly. However, ...

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This solution describes if one should use a push or pull strategy for a product which is not selling. It also discusses which type of strategy to use for a company with great brand recognition. Slogans are discussed and their imporatance to marketing. Examples and links are given.