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Communication in recent movie

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Imagine that your boss (or your client, if you are self-employed) has assigned you to a team to develop a communications training program. Each team member will recommend a book that all participants will discuss during a required meeting or retreat. The team needs one book that sheds light on one or more communication tactics or strategies, such as the importance of self-confidence.What book do you recommend and why?

Instead of a book, you may recommend a movie or episode of a TV show.

You don't want to sit through a boring discussion, let alone read a boring book or watch a bad movie. So you need to make a strong recommendation and be very persuasive.

Ideas to help with writing a memo recommending any movie are offered. Argue persuasively that this book or movie will be helpful to teach program participants about communication techniques and/or strategies. Otherwise you might find yourself discussing a book or movie that puts you to sleep.

Also, giving 3 reasons why you believe this particular book or movie will be your choice for the program. Anticipate at least one objection and answer it.

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Communication progress or obstacles in a recent movie, The Way, is emphasized.

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As you formulate your own memo recommending any movie to illustrate, I offer a new release called The Way, directed by Emilio Estevez and starring Martin Sheen that I saw last week in the theater. As an avid traveler, I was enthralled.

Here is its movie trailer:


I've also included the movie's homepage for you:


As you then argue persuasively that this movie will be helpful to teach program participants about communication techniques and/or strategies, it clearly shows how a yuppie American doctor, Tom, is quite introverted and non-expressive verbally and nonverbally, sort of devoid of life and emotions. He is quite limited in his social interactions and does not communicate effectively on his job or among friends. In sum, he is a guarded, negative, "hard to read" guy initially.

After the death of his ...

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