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Cultural Communications

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Choose a movie that you have not previously seen from the following list: Mi Familia, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I Am Sam, or Amistad. Watch the movie with this question in mind: What do people say and do that communicates in ways different from the way I do? Answer the questions with supporting details, quotes, and paraphrased statements from the movie. This is not a review of the movie, but an observation of the communication styles of the people in the movie.

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One very important thing that the people in the movie Amistad say and do that communicates in ways different from the way that I do, is the manner in which the African slaves relate stories to one another. It appears that the slaves in this movie tend to communicate utilizing descriptions of concepts based upon real individuals, and or real circumstances that would help the listener to best able to conceptualize what they're trying to communicate. "He reminds me of a Fula Baoma, you know, the one who hires himself to scrape elephant dung from the crop rows" is a statement made by one of the slaves in the movie, which seems to indicate his disgust or disdain for another individual. This seems to be a metaphoric methodology that communicates to another individual, the similarity of someone to an individual in their homeland that has a very lowly position within their society. This form of communication is different from the way that I communicate, due to the fact that I communicate in a more straightforward manner with individuals, that usually does not require alluding to other individuals or circumstances, as a means by which to make a comparison that helps to make my point to the listener. This method of communication seems to be quite common in the African culture, as well as many other cultures around the world, due to the fact that it is an effective means by which to help to drive a point home to an individual that you are communicating with, due to the imagery that is produced within the mind of the individual ...

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This solution describes different cultural forms of communication within a historical movie.

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