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Writing a Movie Review

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How critical do I have to be when writing a movie review? Can you provide me with a unique example of what a movie review could sound like?

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This excerpt tells readers how to write an awesome movie review.

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I've never seen a piece of writing that was completely perfect, especially on the first try, so if your grammar is okay and you're able to make your audience laugh a few times, you will do well. Below are some tips that might help you with your paper and a dated movie review that I've provided as an example.

1. State whether or not the movie relates to any personal events in your life. Remember that a good essay has the following: facts and opinions supported by details, examples, reasons, etc., and based on your experience and observations.
2. Use supporting quotes to support your claims.
3. Make sure you take a clear stance when conveying your opinion.
4. Make sure your composition is orderly and that you have a clear introduction with an interesting lead. You can open your essay in a number of ways: with a definition, with a personal story from your life that relates to the information in the movie, with a quote from the movie that ...

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