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Writing Patterns

I need assistance with writing an introduction that consist of 100-150 words. The introduction must grab the readers attention and conclude with a thesis statement. I will need to choose one of the below writing patterns and choose any topic:

Process Analysis
Comparison and Contrast
Classification and Division
Cause and Effect

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As you write an introduction, you might choose the Cause and Effect genre. Based on this recent events, you might discuss how America's war on terror has directly resulted in more proactive security measures in everyday places such as movie theaters, schools, city marathons, etc.

For your attention grabber, you might cite how this week's horrific bombing of the Boston Marathon exemplifies that America will likely change its security measures even more drastically for daily life events, not just airport security. You can also discuss how the Sandy Hook shooting, for example, also demonstrates another ...

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Brainstorming for writing an introduction is presented briefly.