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    Organizational Culture in the Workplace

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    In 350 to 450 words I need help describing the Walt Disney Company and their philosophy, mission, vision, values, and structure.

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    The Walt Disney Company was founded by Walter Elias Disney in 1923 as an animated film company. The company's primary early success was based on their creation of their signature character Mickey Mouse. The company's headquarters is located in Burbank California. Over the years, the animated film company grown to become a giant in the animated film industry. This success lead to the pursuit of Walt's grander ideal of expanding the company and developing a theme park that would be a true eclectic representation of all Americans and would bring "happiness to all" through the "magical" experience that Disney created (Fagan, 2008).

    Some of the primary reasons for Disney's success and their reputation for delivering a "magical" experience to all of its guests are directly related to Disney's operating principles and culture. Since its inception, Disney's operations have been driven by the founders overriding mission and vision for what his company would one day represent (Fagan, 2008).

    Walt Disney's vision of bringing happiness to millions also translated into the company's corporate culture and its ...

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