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Women in psychology

I selected four women in psychology. For each woman selected develop a paragraph describing the individual's contributions to the history of psychology.

Women in Psychology select five individuals from this list
(1) Margaret Floy Washburn
(2) Anna Freud
(3) Karen Horney
(4) Mary Calkins

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1. First of all, as you explore how Margaret Floy Washburn (1871-1939) contributed to the field of psychology, you might argue that she is often deemed as the first comparative psychologist ( In other words, you might note that her work with animals was pivotal in comparative psychology. Her book, Animal Mind (1908), documented her experiments on animals and examined "sensory discriminations, spatially determined reactions, and modification by experience" ( I also admire her because she exposed the benefits of studying animal behavior.

2. When looking at contributions in psychoanalysis, you might emphasize that ...

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