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    Theoretical applications.

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    Select a fictional character from The Blind Side (movie). Analyze your chosen character's personality using the theories of Allport, Jung, and Maslow.

    Describe the connection between the character's personality and the theory used to explain it using relevant information such as direct quotes, descriptions of life events, examples of interpersonal behavior, and so on.

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    • An evaluation of how each of the chosen personality theorists or theories explains the personality of the chosen character

    Leigh Anne, Michael's adopted mother, from the film, The Blind Side, is relevant for analysis using the various personality theories. First of all, using Allport's Trait Theory applied to this strong female character, Allport's notion of "becoming" is evident through this character as paying it forward to Michael enriches her life on so many levels and allows her to achieve a sense of empowerment or self-actualization. Based on the empathy and love that she exudes by welcoming Michael into her home as an equal son to her other kids, she is expressing the humanistic approach to therapy indicative of this theory.

    Research also affirms this concept:

    Thompson, S. (2015). Personality theories in education. Research Starters: Education (Online Edition).

    The author confirms how this theory "postulates that each person's personality is composed of several different trait subsystems. The most notable of the subsystems are:

    • Individual: Traits unique to a person;
    • Common: Traits held in common by many people (most likely based on community mores);
    • Cardinal: A trait that is unchangeable and dominates the overall personality and behavior of the person (not everyone develops one of these);
    • Central: The dispositions that are used to describe a person (e.g., happy, depressed, sweet, bitter, dumb, smart, etc.); and
    • Secondary: Traits which create a consistency but don't define the core personality of the person (e.g., she loves shoes, she has a hard time adapting to change, she is passionate about gymnastics)."

    • A discussion of how the selected character's behavior might be interpreted differently, depending on which theoretical approach is used

    Next, Jung's theories, in particular, his emphasis on the presence of the three levels of ...

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